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Antelope's Core Teen Group

Every struggling teen needs this group!  This is a social-emotional group that focuses on practical connection, resilience and skill building. 
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What is Antelope's Core Teen Group? 

This is a 9-week group for 12 teens, ages 11+. This group focuses on  building deeper relationships with oneself and others through doing really cool interactive practices. This is a group for teens to build more skills relationally and personally, and to empower them to create more ease in their lives. 

Teens are navigating a complex world with screens + social media, engaging in their academic futures, and growing into an adult identity. Often, when teens have community, skills and frameworks that help them navigate all of this with more ease, grace and intention, they are able to let go of self-harming behaviors and more confidently engage with the world. 

What if my teen doesn't want to go? 

Tell your teenager they only need to attend the first class, and if they hate it, they don't have to come back. It is our job to deeply impact them during the first group and leave them wanting to return. 
This is not therapy or a mandatory class - it is a by choice program. Even though most teens come in the first day "forced" by their parents, rolling their eyes with dread, nearly all of them decide to come back. 
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Topics we cover during our 9-weeks together

Emotional regulation and self-awareness strategies
Learning how to express yourself and reveal your actual needs
Understanding boundaries, how to set them, and why they matter
Learning how to start thinking long-term and to take a big picture view
Gaining a deeper understanding of their self worth
Deeper skill in navigating conflict at home and with friends. 
More deeply understanding the importance of strong and deep friendships - especially in our social media driven world. 

What support will my teen receive? 

Weekly classes
A weekly 2-hour class  
Active skill building
Practice learning and embodying new skills!
Peer Mentorship
Someone who really has their back and gets it
A group that they can lean on. 
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Essential Parent Resources 

Growth, healing, and resilience building takes the entire family.  
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"Teen self-concept + how to stop the power struggle with your teen" A 90-Minute pre-group zoom call for parents
"Teen communication tricks and tips + Q/A" A 2-hour parent zoom call mid-way through the group. 
Parent Facebook community with support from our staff 

Meet the group facilitators 

Shelby Robbins, the founder of Antelope Recovery

Shelby Robbins

Shelby Robbins is the founder of Antelope Recovery and is on a mission to bring deeper integrity and kindness into the mental health industry. This teen group is a highlight of her career - supporting teens in their growth is a privilege and joy. Shelby has been working with teens for many years and is trained in multiple modalities including NVC, motivational interviewing, ego-development work, and much more... however what has her truly qualified are her direct experiences with suffering and mental illness. In her free time, Shelby enjoys tennis and curling up with a good book.
Aidan Longtain, a facilitator at Antelope Recovery

Aidan Longtain

Group Facilitator
Aidan Longtain is an experienced group facilitator and has trained with organizations such as Partners for Youth Empowerment and Authentic World. Aidan has been leading teen groups for the last five years and is masterful at creating transformational experiences for teens. Aidan, the product of a turbulent adolescence, strives to support youth in discovering how facing the suffering and trauma of childhood opens the door to a truly fulfilling adulthood. A former competitive skateboarder, Aidan thrives in intensity and loves to be challenged. Some of his favorite things include campfires, bears, and quality craftsmanship.

Boulder Teen Group

Ages 11-14
Starting September 20th
Ages 15-18
Starting September 22nd

Virtual Teen Groups

Ages 11-14
5:00pm-7:00pm MT
Starting September 19th
Ages 15-18
5:00pm-7:00pm MT 
Starting September 21st
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Is this right for my teen?

If your teen is struggling to create meaningful and easeful relationships in their life, then YES this program is for your teen. 

Your teen will walk away with a brand new communication toolkit, whether they were 100% scoffing and eye rolling about attending this group or not.

The bottom line is that your teen wants to be happy and healthy, and these skills can support them in finding their way.


Currently, our teen groups are $450 per teen. We have one scholarship spot per group, for a teen who would like to attend and cannot afford the $450. The scholarship process is both based on financial need, and the teens sincere interest in the group.
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Peer Mentorship

Peer mentorship is a unique part of this program. Every teen is assigned a peer mentor who has already graduated the program, and is able to utilize them for extra support. Teens are welcome to apply to the teen mentorship program after they complete the 9-week group! The peer program includes a half day of training and is essential in providing leadership with feedback about the program. 

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