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Thursday, May 18th from 5:30-6:30pm

Join our Teen Summer Support Strategy webinar and learn why it’s crucial to have a strategy for your teen’s summer and what steps you can take to help them thrive.

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Don't let September catch you by surprise

Ensure your family has a strategy to stay supported and healthy this summer. Don't wait until school starts and your teen is overwhelmed before you put attention on their wellbeing.

Summer can be a trying time for your teen

It’s too easy for teens to “fly under the radar” over the summer and then break down in the fall when school starts. We want to make sure they hit the new year with a stride. During the summer, teens can often struggle with:

  • Lack of a regular sleep schedule
  • Lack of routine and structure
  • Increased isolation or not seeing friends
  • Increased partying, and drug use
  • Increased technology use and time in front of screens
  • Teens no longer have access to safe adults they relied on at school
  • If there are toxic sibling dynamics, those can get worse over the summer
  • Summer depression

Give your teen the support they need with IOP

Our program is specifically designed to ensure that teens have the necessary resources required to remain healthy, especially during the summer months.

We will work closely with your teen to help them attain their personal goals and address their unique challenges. Our expert team offers individualized therapy sessions and group sessions that focus on a range of topics, including coping skills, emotional regulation, and communication. Additionally, our program is highly flexible, allowing your teen to receive the care they need while still being able to enjoy their summer activities.

Contact us today to learn more about how our program can be tailored to meet your teen’s needs.

Antelope has a range of support, for all different families. 

Check out all of our offerings and see how we can help.  

  1. Teen Groups

    Scaffold your teen's summer with structured connection and skill-building.

  2. Parent Program

    Sometimes we need help to be able to help our teens in the ways they need.

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    Parent Support FB Group

    Access support and connection with fellow parents and the Antelope team in our group.

  4. Summer Support Strategy Webinar

    Learn how to strategize the best way to a healthy summer and school year.