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Thursday, May 18th from 5:30-6:30pm

Join our Teen Summer Support Strategy webinar and learn why it’s crucial to have a strategy for your teen’s summer and what steps you can take to help them thrive.

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The Parenting Program

Being a teen today is hard. Being a parent of a struggling teen can be a nightmare.

We know what works and how to help.

What is the

Parenting At-Risk Teens Program?

Whether you’re a new parent of teens who freezes whenever you need to set a boundary, or a seasoned parent of teens who is exhausted and "over it," this course will transform the way you communicate with your family and create a structure for healthy relationships that you and your family can really lean on.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We make ourselves as available as we can to answer your questions.

If you want to have a sustainable and healthy relationship with your teen, and find a supportive community of parents to connect with, then YES, this program is for you!

Our parents come from every industry and background. They are experiencing struggles with their teens – depression, anxiety, issues with the law, drugs, curfew fights, secrecy, sibling drama, bullying, and more. Having diverse parent perspectives and support is an invaluable asset while navigating this period of your teen’s life.

You will walk away from this program with a brand-new parenting tool kit. Whether you are a total newbie to developing communication tools OR looking to upshift an already great relationship with your teen, you’ll learn actionable techniques that are guaranteed to transform your family.

We are informed by child development research and particularly enjoy Love and Logic’s approach to parenting teens.

As the old 12-step saying goes… the program works if you work it. This is not a replacement for individual or family therapy, however, we’ve found that parent education can make a HUGE difference with raising healthy teens and building resilient families.

YES! This is 100% different.

And, as with everything at Antelope, it’s a perfect complement to our teen programs.

This program is a deep dive into compelling, personable, and meaningful parenting. 

It’s done makeover-style, with tons of scenarios that can be reworked to meet the specific needs of your family.

It covers long-term relationship building as well as emergency skills.

For instance:

• What do you say to your teen if you find drugs in their room? 
• How do you get through curfew without having a panic attack, praying they’ll get home safe?
• What do you do when they just wont say anything? 

Oh, watch out! This course will make parenting your forte. Your parenting is different from your partner’s parenting, because parenting is a generally creative process.

Whether or not you will be very engaged in your teen’s life, we firmly believe you should get great at understanding teenagers. It will do wonders for your relationship that you can’t anticipate.

We are a team of experts who collectively have decades of experience working with teens and families in crisis. We deeply understand that therapy and clinical interventions are limited in their effect (and often very expensive), and have learned that training parents can be just as effective as working with teens themselves.


Pro Parenting Skills

Some of what you'll learn in our program...

  • Set effective boundaries with your teen without being pushy, nagging, or shutting down.

  • Minimize your teen's emotional chaos through supportive structures and routines.

  • Understand your teen's dramatic brain development and how you can participate in that process.

  • Rebuild a close relationship with your teen who now "hates everyone."

  • Set you and your teen up for a healthy, lifelong relationship.

  • Rebuild trust with your teen after they really "screwed up."


Parent Program Speakers

Enrollment in the program gives you access to all talks from our expert parent speakers.

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