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What is outpatient care?

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Outpatient care is a type of intensive mental health treatment for teens.

During outpatient care, teens still live at home with their families and attend school, however after school, they attend a therapeutic program. The therapeutic program includes individual and family therapy, group therapy, skill building, and other types of therapeutic treatment. 

Outpatient care allows a teen to receive benefits of rehab services and group therapy with minimum disruption to their academic and home lives. Outpatient care also allows for easy integration of what is learned in therapy into school and home contexts, which is not always an easy task with inpatient and more acute care options. 

Outpatient care is not a good fit for a teen who is unable to keep themselves safe at home or in school. Outpatient care is a voluntary program and must be agreed to by the teen. Outpatient treatment is often a great option for teens who have initial symptoms of a mental illness appearing, however who have not had a full psychotic episode.  

Our vision for outpatient care

Currently, outpatient programs do not track therapeutic outcomes for their clients. If we do not track therapeutic outcomes for our clients, we cannot know if our treatment protocol actually works! We are committed to tracking outcomes during our program and using that data to continuously improve our outpatient care protocol
Integrated Care
Currently, many outpatient programs exist in a bubble - they are fragmented from other types of care options. Our outpatient program is integrated with both step-up (inpatient or acute care options) and step-down programs (teen groups and follow-up therapy). After graduating from outpatient care, your family will have an integration process into your next care options, and a full understanding of our therapeutic recommendations for what is next.
Virtual and Non-virtual options
We know that not everyone can drive their teen to an outpatient program every day after school. That is simply not an option for many families. We provide a virtual outpatient option that can allow for treatment when otherwise it would not be possible.
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