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Jenn Reilly

Founder of Raising Wholeness

Jenn Reilly is the founder of Raising Wholeness, an organization that supporting parents, teachers, and schools to model wholeness and increase self awareness through online classes that focus on childhood development, executive functioning, regulation, and trauma informed approaches to supporting youth. Jenn is a wholeness coach, workshop facilitator and mother of an inspiring 7 year old. By weaving in her own experiences as a mother, working with vertical development, divine feminine and masculine, shadow work, ancient wisdom, and leadership development, Jenn creates frameworks and workshops to help support restoring wholeness and shifting the paradigm of raising future generations. In addition she is a leadership development coach at Bridge Partnerships, the founder of the Mystics Rising a podcast and community honoring the rising spiritual renaissance, and an emergent community consultant for Thriving Communities.


Co-regulation: The secret to regulating your stressed out teen

Parents are more influential than they sometimes realize. Our physical well-being is impacting our child's nervous system and development all the time. When we support our own well-being as parents, it has long-term benefits for our children that will help them manage conflict, build independence, confidence, ability to work towards goals, and better navigate all relationships. Learn about the different ways our well-being is impacting and informing our children and how you can better support yourself, and your child.

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