Anh Nguyen, LPC

Clinical Director

Anh Nguyen started her path to mental health with an undergraduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science that she obtained at the University of Kansas. She spent years in non-profit doing grant work and implementing prevention programs in urban, suburban, and rural parts of Kansas City. She then worked for a medical school in Kansas to help manage their outreach program called Score 1 for Health, which was started up by a former Kansas City Chiefs player, Deron Cherry. She has worked as a clinical therapist for 7 years and spent the last 3 year managing therapy and case management programs in Kansas City. Anh enjoys her daily 2 mile runs in the morning. She has a love for skiing and just gained a new interest in off-roading. She loves coffee shops and is exploring different kinds of food.


How to support your teen, if you can't get your teen the treatment they need

During this event, Anh will dive into the ways parents can support their teens if they are unable to get their teens into treatment. Currently, treatment programs have 6-month-long waitlists and there are severe cost and location barriers to receiving care for teenagers. In this talk, Anh will dive into what parents, community members, and families can do if traditional treatment options aren't available or if you have a teen on a waitlist. This talk gives essential tips for parents on how to keep their teenagers safe and encourage well-being using nonclinical methods.

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