Angela Lee

Director of Love is Respect

Angela Lee been employed with The National Domestic Violence Hotline for 11+ years. Angela has served on the front lines as a Phone Service advocate as well as a Program Service Manager before serving as the Director of Love is Respect. Angela has an abundance of experience working with substance abuse, behavioral health, sexual assault, and at-risk youth. Angela understands that youth experience severe life stressors including unhealthy relationships - she is driven to support teens navigate these complex waters. Her great passion is empowering young people to find healthy perceptions of themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe, healthy individuals.


Understanding Healthy Relationships & Dating Abuse

In this talk we will discuss: - Essential elements of a healthy relationship - Warning signs of dating abuse and prevention - How to support a young person in crisis We at love is respect understand that young people and even older adults are still learning what healthy relationships are. The ideas and beliefs that enable abuse can be changed, and the earlier we intervene with education and support, the earlier we can prevent abuse.

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