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Abbi Winslow

Teen Coach

Abbi Winslow is a certified life coach, high school teacher, and professional speaker. Abbi fiercely loves and believes in the youth of today and that is why she focuses her mission on helping teenage girls master high school and young adulthood. Her Youtube videos have reached an audience of over five hundred thousand teens from around the world. When she isn’t working with teens Abbi loves spending time with her two little boys and amazing hubby playing in the mountains of Utah.


Level up your parenting: communication and mindset skills that save relationships

This keynote is packed full of real-life tools that will have you walking away with new ideas and hope for how to improve your relationship with your teen. Learn how to model effective communication skills and help your teen frame their mindset about life and their future. Full of teen-centered insights, these ideas will give your relationship with your teen a whole new outlook.

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