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Invest in Antelope Recovery!
Hello from the herd! We are opening Antelope Recovery up for a community crowdfunding round and would love for you to join us! Equity crowdfunding allows everyd...
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Overdose deaths now claim more lives every year than car crashes. More than 100,000 lives were lost to overdoses last year - a 15% increase from the year before...
Grounding teens doesn't work.
We are taking a strong stance on grounding teenagers. On behalf of all our teens in our programs - parents- please stop grounding them! You don't have to do it....
4 Reasons why teens say outrageous things
Teens love trying out a wide range of values and then seeing how the people around them respond. This is an essential part of teen self-concept building and is ...
Talking to teens about drugs
Not all drugs are created equal and neither is all drug use. Drug use falls into 3 categories: Most teens experiment with substances at some point. However, of ...
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