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Helping teens and families build a better life

We are a team of clinicians offering a virtual intensive outpatient program for struggling teens. We are passionate about health, service, and clinical innovation and believe that recovery is an option for everyone.

Our Purpose

At Antelope Recovery, our mission is to empower teens and families to overcome their struggles through holistic, personalized Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) level care. We strive to provide the support and structure needed for individuals to develop the strength of mind and heart to make deep and decisive progress towards their healing and their goals.

Additionally, we are dedicated to advancing the field of mental healthcare through clinical innovation as well as rigorous data collection and analytics, constantly working to improve our clinical interventions and contribute to the transformation of the industry.

Our Values

  • Hope

    We believe that recovery is possible for everyone. We know that there are no hopeless cases, and that if someone has a desire to heal, they can do it and we are here to help. 

  • Integrity

    We value accountability, transparency, and safety above all else. We are good people who happen to run a business, not a good business that happens to be run by people. Our principles and honesty guide our decisions.

  • Accessibility

    We believe that teens are categorically in need and inherently deserving of mental health support, and we place strong emphasis on inclusivity, belonging, and acceptance of teens from all walks of life.


Our Team

We are inspired by traditional stories about Antelopes

Our program takes inspiration from the North American Pronghorn Antelope, to encourage heart and action in mental health and addiction recovery.

The Antelope story, is from Jamie Sams and David Carson's interpretation of animal stories from the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma. David Carson was raised in Oklahoma, and learned the animal ways from his mother Opal, and his aunts, Agnes, Ruby, Phoebe, all members of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma. These Native lessons informed his stories and knowledge of animals.

Long ago, Antelope saw that the humans were struggling. They were facing hardships and were in danger of losing their way.

Antelope, moved by their plight, called all the people together for a council.

“Great Spirit has sent me to teach you a valuable lesson. The lesson is to take action. There is no need to continue suffering. There are steps you can take now to alleviate your pain and nourish your lives,” Antelope said.

As a sign of his dedication, Antelope offered himself as a sacrifice for the people, so that they could survive. Through this sacrifice, Antelope provided for the people, keeping them fed and warm, and taught them the importance of taking action.

From that day on, humans were able to take action and learn from the other animals how to survive. When they were in need, they knew when and how to act, so they wouldn’t have to suffer. The Antelope taught the humans to honor their gifts, take action on their own behalf, and to respect and protect all life.

At Antelope Recovery, we are inspired by the symbol of the antelope and its connection to knowledge, action and the sacredness of life. As prey animals, antelopes remind us of our own mortality and the finite nature of our time on earth. This understanding allows them to fully embrace and live in the present moment.

Measurement-based care is the future

Measurement-based care is the future of our mental health system – introducing even some simple practices could transform our mental health care landscape. Antelope Recovery is on the mission to bring rigorous data practices into the field of mental health. We aim to track patient demographics, treatment protocols and timelines, and success metrics based on the leading evidence-based assessments. At Antelope, we are also well aware that progress and healing are non-linear, so we are optimistic that through virtual care, we can begin to innovate in this domain.

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