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Mental health care for teens and families

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Ongoing Programs

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Online parent course
For parents who are raising at-risk teens. Get the support you need to be present with your teen by learning essential communication skills and boundary practices! This course is extremely practical and immediately helpful.
Enrollment is open!
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Teen groups
Get the best mental health support for your teen this fall. We have 6 different groups available, Monday through Thursday, all dedicated to supporting and encouraging teen healing and growth.  
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Who we are
We are a group of mental health professionals who are passionate about teen and family recovery.
What we do
We provide mental health support to teens and families through three different programs: teen groups, parent courses, and we are building an intensive outpatient program. 
Who we help
We specialize in treating teens with addiction and mental health disorders.
How we're different
Everyone is capable of making a full recovery. We combine traditional, tried and true therapy with a focus on mindfulness and relational practices. Recovery is possible through harnessing the power of community and discovering how to create a meaningful life.
Program Options
We utilize three different programs to help teens recover. The first is an inexpensive, virtual 9-week harm reduction program. We also have a self-paced online parent coaching program. We are currently developing a virtual outpatient program.

How it works

It can be hard to reach out for support - we're here to change that.


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Holistic Recovery


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We're here for families and teens.

Asking for help can be hard - we do our best to make sure it doesn't have to be. 

Contact us to set up an initial consultation call, or to request resources. 

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Which level of care is right for you?

During your consultation call, you will explore what kind of treatment is needed and best for you and your family. We offer two options:

  1. Teen Groups
  2. Parenting Program

Begin recovery

Start your journey to recovery! This can take weeks to months depending on the diagnosis, available resources, and each individual family context.
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Life after recovery

Start building and living your life outside of treatment. We will help you to create a network of integrated support so that recovery is sustainable and can support your thriving.
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No one can recover alone

Reaching out for help is the first step toward healing. We are available to guide and support you throughout your journey. You are never alone.
Teen Groups
Where teens thrive

Why Antelope Recovery?

Age-specific treatment
We use evidence based, age specific treatment at Antelope Recovery. Our team understands what teens need and how to deliver developmentally appropriate treatment. 
We offer many programs online, so that you can access the support you need from anywhere. If you and your family aren't able to drive to weekly groups or are not able to make inpatient treatment work at this time, we have professionals available to guide you virtually.
Community Involvement
Our programs are community based. We've found that recovery works best in community. We emphasize connection, relationship building, and teach communication skills to all our clients. 
Purpose Driven
We emphasize purpose in our program. Recovery happens when we are clear about how we contribute to others, and have a clear purpose in life. We support our clients in creating purpose for themselves by emphasizing envisioning, imagination, goal setting, and through academic and career support. We also are an adventure based program - through hiking and exploring outside, teens are able to release stress and find wellness.
Family Focus
Mental illness affects the entire family - often in recovery, the entire family goes through a transformation so that healing can occur. We emphasize family therapy, siblings, and help bridge communication gaps so that healing and health can stabilize for everyone in the family.
Skill Building
We emphasize learning and education as a part of healing. Mindfulness skills and self-awareness practices support with impulsivity and dysregulation. CBT skills support with thought distortions and paranioa. We use all the tools we have in order to help our clients build the skills they need for full recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer? Reach out to our customer support team.
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How do I know which program is right for my teen?
Have a conversation with our team! They will guide you towards the appropriate program for your teen.
What if my teen already has a private therapist that they like?
We are happy to work together with outside providers to coordinate care and to make sure that your therapist is up to date with your teens progress.
Will you accept my insurance?
Once our outpatient program is open, we will work towards accepting all insurance providers. 
What if I'm on medication and need a psychiatrist?
We have a network of psychiatrists we work with and are happy to coordinate and connect you with someone.  
How much does treatment cost?
The cost of treatment is dependent on your insurance plan. We keep our treatment programs as affordable as possible while still maintaining the highest quality services we can. During the admissions process, we will collect your insurance information, run a verification of benefits, and discuss your financial obligations, if any, prior to enrolling in treatment.
What is the age requirement?
We work with clients ages 11-18.
How long does treatment last?
Treatment length is discussed during admissions and throughout the treatment process. Teen groups are once a week for 9 weeks, and outpatient treatment is 3-5 days a week for 4-12 weeks. 
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We help teens and families overcome mental health challenges.

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