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Virtual Intensive Outpatient care works for teens

Intensive Outpatient care is for teens who need more than one hour of therapy a week, but do not need to go to a residential program. Almost anyone can be stabilized in a clinical environment. However, most programs fail to provide practice using therapeutic skills in real-life circumstances. That’s where virtual care at Antelope excel's. We offer a virtual program that embeds care and healing throughout the teens life by fully taking advantage of the virtual space. We are aiming for long-lasting, durable transformation for your family.

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Antelope is perfect for teens who...

  • Are failing out of school, have experienced a traumatic event, experienced a suicide attempt, are self-harming, or are abusing drugs.
  • Don't want to go to therapy, but know that what's going on isn't working, and that they want to feel better.
  • Have tried other types of treatment such as 1:1 therapy, or medication, but not experienced significant improvement.
  • Are safe at home and don't need residential care, but need more than one hour of therapy a week.

How it works

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    We make a plan

    When you start our program, our team will meet with you and your teen to get an overview of your family's current situation. We'll ask questions about your struggles and goals, as well as your family's strengths and history.
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    We do the work

    With anywhere from three to twenty hours of programming a week, we'll face the hard stuff together and focus on building up your teen's strengths. We will re-evaluate the plan each week and make adjustments as we learn more. This is where healing happens and the program does it's work.
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    We keep at it

    Our team is committed to supporting you even after you complete the program. We will work with you to develop a plan for ongoing recovery and maintenance of your progress.
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